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Advantages of hermetic detector

With the development of science and technology, many electronic products, household appliances and auto parts begin to have waterproof functions, such asIP67Waterproof level such professional words also began to be known by consumers. More manufacturers began to use air tightness detector to test the waterproof performance of a product.

There are many manufacturers of air tightness detector in the domestic market, and the price and accuracy are also uneven. What are the requirements for a qualified air tightness testing instrument--Micro leak detection experts give you a brief overview.

First of all, the air tightness tester is a kind of high-precision testing instrument The accuracy must meet the requirements. The instrument accessories that determine the accuracy of the instrument are sensors. If the accuracy of the sensor can not meet the requirements, tiny leakage can not be detected, so there is no way to detect the defective products. The sensor of Harris is a Honeywell sensor imported from the United States, and the accuracy of the sensor can reach 100%0.2%FS 。 High sensitivity pressure sensing and regulating unit, with advanced differential pressure software algorithm, the minimum resolution can be achieved1Pa ,The algorithm has obtained international patent.

Secondly, the stability of air tightness detector should be very strong, the fluctuation of test results is small, and it has stability. The test results of some instruments fluctuate greatly, which will seriously affect the customer experience and shorten the service life of the instrument. The stability of Harris air tightness tester is well-known among customers. In recent years, a number of international brands have begun to cooperate with Harris technology, such as Huawei and apple in mobile phone industry, BYD in automobile industry and sannuo in lamp industry.

Last but not least, technical support and after-sales service for customers. Air tightness detector as a high-precision testing instrument, if there is no perfect technical support, the problems encountered in use can not be solved in time, which is provided by Harristwenty-fourtwenty-four hours at any time online consulting technical services. For the problems that need to be solved on the spot, we will provide information in Guangdong Province24Hours, outside the provinceseventy-six24 hours of door-to-door service. For customers in need, Harris can also provide a week's free pre-sale service to try out the instrument.

Welcome to customers who are interested in air tightness tester, call Harris technology, we will provide you with accurate and economical test scheme.

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