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How to choose air tightness detector?

With the increasing requirements of major manufacturers for product quality, especially for the waterproof standard, the waterproof detection is also very important,

So most of the products that need to reach a certain waterproof standard need a set or even a series of waterproof testing equipment to carry out the operation

It is a high precision tester for waterproof detection,Air tightness detectorThe demand for air tightness detector is also increasing

However, how to choose the right products for your own use needs to be improved

Users can compare and select according to the specific situation.

The quality of the detector is poorAir tightness detectorThe data is not stable when a workpiece is repeatedly detected, and the data is not stable after just starting up and preheating

There is a big difference between the test data and the test data after working for one hour, and there is also a big difference between the test data in the morning and in the afternoon. use

When selecting the instrument, users can use the same workpiece at different times (for example, the instrument has just been preheated, after working for 1 hour, after working for 5 hours)

To test the repeatability of the instrument, the influence of ambient temperature and the thermal stability of the instrument itself.

The following points are provided for users' reference:

1. Due to the special control panel used in the air tightness instrument, only the manufacturer can deal with the after-sales problems, so it is practical to choose those with certain advantages

The air tightness instrument produced by enterprises is also very important.

2. The user only needs to use the instrument to test the tightness, that is, it does not need to be connected with other control systems, and can choose not to have input or output

Detector for export and communication interface.

3. For the workpiece detection with strict requirements of leakage index, the one with good quality and high precision must be selectedAir tightness detector

4. It is suggested that the flow type should be selected as far as possible when the internal volume is more than 5L, because it is difficult for small leakage to cause poor performance when the content volume is large

Pressure change; If the volume of the workpiece is less than 5L, the flow type or differential pressure type can be selected according to the process requirements.

5. When there are many kinds of products tested in the production line, the parameters (such as inflation time, balance time and qualified judgment value) required by each variety are not accurate

At the same time, the user needs to select the air tightness detector with [Channel] function, so that a model corresponds to a group of channel parameters.

This paper comes from hiris automation: hiris automation( of high precision waterproof testing equipment,

Focus on mobile phone waterproof detection, camera waterproof detection, IP waterproof level detection, wire waterproof detection, speaker waterproof detection, etc

Testing equipment.

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