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Analysis on the requirements of standard parts of seal detector by differential pressure

According to the storage environment requirements of standard parts: Please place the standard parts in a place not affected by vibration, heat, electric fan or air conditioner blowing. because

The temperature of the ground varies greatly, so it is necessary to avoid placing the standard near the ground. Please try to make the temperature of the standard part and the measured object the same

。 It is recommended to lay rubber insulation material to prevent direct heat transfer.


Brief analysis of Harris Technology密封检测仪When the differential pressure method is used for tightness test, the standard parts are required as follows:

1The standard should be consistent with the material, size, shape and internal surface area of the tested sample as far as possible;And standard parts must be strictly inspected

Leakage free products known by measurement;

2If the measured part is allowed to have a certain amount of leakage and the detection time is long, the standard part can be omitted and the interface end of the standard part can be plugged

Just plug your head(Make sure there is no leakage here)

3If the volume of the tested sample is small, the standard sample can be replaced by the internal volume of the piping with appropriate length, and the end of the pipeline shall be plugged.

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