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Characteristics and advantages of hermetic tester

Harris precisionSeal detectorIt is a new type of nondestructive air tightness testSealing testAnd the appearance of waterproof testing equipment. Built in by air tightness detection systemCPUAccurately calculate the sealing, waterproof, air tightness and other requirements of the products to be tested. The test process and results can be displayed on the LCD screen.The working principle is to test the air pressure attenuation, vacuum attenuation, gas volume change, flow rate, blockage, and more.

Seal detection仪

HarrisSeal detectionThe equipment configuration and features are as follows:

oneThe sealing detection equipment has the advantages of fast calculation speed, high precision and high reliabilityWorld famous chip company (Honeywell) superHigh sensitivity sensor and its applicationtwenty-fourpositionA/Dtransformation. Minimum resolution up to0. 3paA bubble smaller than the needle point. usethirty-twopositionCPUoperation, floating point computing ability, in the same kind of sealing, waterproof, air tightness products

twoThe minimal internal volume of the sealing detector ensures the stability of the test to the maximum extent.By optimizing the internal structure of the sealed test instrument, the volume of the inner part of the test instrument is reduced to 10%0.3mml(including the volume of all valve bodies and pipelines) this is done on smart wearable productsAir tightness detectorThis is particularly important because the internal volume of smart wearable products is usually only used1-2mmlIf the internal volume of the instrument is larger than the volume of the product to be tested, the instrument will not be able to judge the good and bad products in the case of small leakage. Even if it is a big leak, if the internal volume of the instrument is too large, it will also cause the test time to lengthen, misjudgment and so on, and the reliability of the test will be greatly reduced. HarrisSeal testerIn this regard, it has reached the world leading level.

Seal testerEquipped with large sizeFull color graphic touch screen operation and maintenanceEquipped with our independent development of air tight operating system.Digital display and trend display are realized. The air tightness detection system has strong stability,Intuitive and easy to use test user interface, accurately grasp each link of the test process.The test program is easy to set and manage, and can be stored and retrieved at will. The air leakage tester is internally developed by our companyPLCSystem, convenient for the control of peripheral equipment. The test history can be recorded for up to half a year.

fourThe sealing tester has built-in multiple serial ports, Ethernet ports and powerful PC software, which can realize network management and monitor operation status.

At present, the sealing leak detection method of the non-destructive air tightness detection system has replaced the traditional water immersion experiment and is widely used in the small household appliance industry密封检测Valve and pipe fitting industry密封检测, waterproof test of communication base station equipment, sealing test of medical devices, waterproof test of wire rod, sealing test of outdoor monitoring products, leakage test of aluminum alloy die casting products, leakage test of welding products, intelligent wearable waterproof test, waterproof test of smart home products, etc.


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