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Analysis of airtightness detection method of Harris Technology

Usually气密性检测When using the method is pressurized or vacuum, and for air tightness test method is really many, from very simple water

From box method to very complex gas detection method, the brief introduction is as follows:

Foam method: apply the soap solution to the surface of the parts and add air pressure to observe the bubbles.

air/Water method: seal the parts, fill air with a certain pressure, measure the pressure drop after the gas is stable, and judge the sealing performance according to the pressure drop value,

This is the most suitable method for industrial application, which can be detected online.

Gas detection method: for those who can't use air /In the field of air method (such as small leakage, large volume, need to know the leakage point), gas

However, due to the high cost of gas and the slow testing, the large-scale use of this method is limited. The common gas detection methods are as follows

There are two types

(1) The measured part is placed in a detectable position, vacuumized, and the leakage of the measured part is determined by the amount of gas entering the detector.

(2) The internal part of the tested part is filled with the detection gas, and then the leakage point is detected and the size is evaluated externally. The detection limit of this method depends on the gas

Body and detector. Many gases are available, commonly used is halogen gas, and the most sensitive is Freon.

The measurement based on the change of gas pressure is more and more widely used in industrial production. Because of its simple application and high degree of automation,

Because of its low cost, high speed and high precision, it is very suitable to be equipped in workshops and automatic production lines.

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