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Air tightness testing equipment is one of the safety production lines

The technology of air tightness inspection equipment is increasingly improved and perfected, which makes its application in more and more fields

It has been applied to the production line of automobile manufacturing industry, for example, in the home appliance industry, electronic consumer industryValve pipingIndustry, etc

And other industries can be applied. Air tightness test equipment is one of the important processes of production safety, which ensures the safety of products


In order to be able to apply气密性检测设备The industry can improve the detection accuracy and efficiency,

Develop the automation of testing equipment. Now the more popular air tightness test method is to use the differential pressure method, to be tested

If there is leakage in the container, the gas quality in the container will be lost, resulting in the reduction of the original pressure in the container

The gas pressure drop in the container can be used to deduce the amount of gas leaked from the actual container, so as to achieve the purpose of gas leakage detection.


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