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Unveiling the real use veil of air tightness testing equipment

The appearance of air tightness testing equipment may cause or affect the air, gas, steam and liquid pipelines and various equipment

The leakage is a good way to deal with it, yesPositioning and inspection.

Air tightness testing equipmentIt is widely used in many fields.The scope is as follows:

Home appliance industry: coffee machine, juicer, blender, kettle and other products with waterproof requirements.

Smart wear: smart bracelet, watch, underwater alarm, etc.

Electronic consumption: Sports audio, Bluetooth speaker, hair remover, electric brush, electric bath head, etc.

Outdoor security: Outdoor Camera, intelligent door lock, etc.

Military supplies: walkie talkie, handheld walkie talkie, car walkie talkie, three defense mobile phone, etc.

Medical equipment: sphygmomanometer, electronic thermometer, endoscope capsule and various infusion oxygen pipes.

Valve pipeline: valve sealing, pipeline permeability, joint sealing test.

Battery industry: Waterproof test of lithium battery shell welding line, sealing test of terminal and shell, and supporting charger

And so on.

Automobile industry: Waterproof test of automobile lamp, air tightness test of automobile engine parts, tight fit test of automobile parts, vehicle safety test

Camera, etc.


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