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How to improve the efficiency of air tightness testing equipment

The automation of air tightness detection equipment improves the detection accuracy and efficiency. At present, differential pressure method is widely used in air tightness test

If there is leakage in the measured container, it will inevitably cause the loss of gas quality in the container and reduce the original pressure in the container

implementThe inner gas pressure drop can be used to deduce the amount of gas leaking from the actual container, so as to achieve the purpose of gas leakage detection.

Based on differential pressure measurementAir tightness testing equipmentCompared with the traditional detection methods, the detection technology improves the detection efficiency and automation

But in some cases, it still can not meet the requirements of production efficiency, especially when the content product of the measured workpiece is large

Enough inflation time and balance time must be guaranteed to ensure the detection accuracy. Because, in the process of inflation, the temperature of the gas will change

If the inflation time and balance time are not long enough, the temperature change can not be stabilized, and the temperature change will lead to the explosion when entering the detection process

The change of starting pressure and differential pressure reduces the detection accuracy. At this time, the detection accuracy and detection efficiency become a contradictory relationship. In order to improve the leakage rate

Some research institutions at home and abroad have put forward some theories and methods, such as rapid inflation method, temperature compensation method and installation method

The filling material can reduce the content product of the measured workpiece. These detection efficiency improvement measures have been verified and developed in practical application. Like the sea

The air tightness testing machine provided by Ruisi automation company for a gearbox manufacturer, after adopting the above efficiency improvement measures, the work is saved

Shoot from the original eachThe detection efficiency is increased by 50%. In addition, in order to meet the needs of automatic production,

On the basis of air tightness detector, the company has developed various functions such as aggregate loading, blocking, detection, display, alarm, unloading, etc

Integrated automatic leak detection equipment.

Although the air tightness detection technology can detect the leakage of the workpiece, it can not determine the specific location of the leakage. In some cases, as a worker

When the workpiece fails to pass the inspection, it is necessary to put the workpiece into the water tank and determine the location of the leakage point by water inspection. In order to improve the detection efficiency, a new method is proposed

The air tightness detection (dry leak detection) and water detection function are often combined in one equipment. After the tested workpiece enters the leak detector, the first

First dry leak detection, if the workpiece is qualified, the workpiece will be sent out. If the workpiece is unqualified, it will automatically sink into the bottom of the leak detector

In the water tank, water detection is carried out to determine the location of leakage point, which further improves the automation degree and detection efficiency of air tightness detection. in addition

With the rapid development of computer, electronics and sensor technology, the development of leakage detection technology will usher in a new development opportunity. The spirit of the future

Density detection technology will be further developed in the direction of high precision, high efficiency and intelligence. Modern air tightness testing equipment is also widely used

It will play a more and more important role in ensuring product quality, ensuring production safety and improving enterprise economic benefits.

In order to improve the efficiency of leakage detection, some research institutions at home and abroad have put forward some theories and methods, such as rapid inflation method and temperature compensation method

Compensation method, adding filler to reduce the content product of the measured workpiece. These measures have been verified in practical application

And development.

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