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What factors should be paid attention to when selecting air tightness testing equipment and methods?

nowadaysAir tightness test设备There are a variety of methods and methodsAir tightness test方法The choice is also at a loss, Hercules asAir tightness test

Industry leader, tell you: choice气密性检测设备The following factors should be taken into account in the design and method

1. Consistency

For some leak detection methods, no matter whether the detection personnel are skilled or not, the detection results are basically the same; Some of the methods are expert and outsider

The result is totally different. If possible, it is necessary to adopt the method that can detect correctly without skilled expertise. Each method has its own disadvantages

The same key technology, different leak detection personnel may not be able to get consistent results

2. Stability

气密性检测It is a comprehensive technology of measurement and testing. If the data from the test is not stable, it is meaningless. correct气密性检测no

Only the testing instrument needs to be stable, and the testing method itself needs to be stable.

3. Reliability

No leakage is not equal to no leakage, which should be judged. When using a certain method for leak detection, we should know whether the method is feasible

Shit. The reliability of leak detection results is related to the consistency, stability and other factors of the above methods.

4. Leak detection principle

Either wayAir tightness test methodWe must understand its basic principle.气密性检测方法It covers a wide range of contents, and reflects all kinds of problems

Measurement and testing technology. It is not easy to understand the principle of many detection methods in detail. This book will briefly introduce the basic principles of common leak detection methods


5. Response time

No matter what method is used, it takes a certain amount of time to detect the leakage rate. The response time may affect the accuracy and sensitivity of leak detection

Degree. Usually, extending the detection time will improve the sensitivity, but the detection time is too long, which may reduce the detection accuracy due to the change of environmental conditions

。 The response time includes气密性检测The response time of the instrument itself, the lag time of gas flow and the time required for various preparations. Select leak detector

This point must be taken into account in the process of legislation.

6. Judgment of leakage point

Some气密性检测方法We can only judge whether there is leakage in the system, but we can not determine where the leakage point is. Some leak detection methods can not only determine whether there is leakage in the system

Leakage point, and also can determine the size of the leakage rate. If it is only to find out whether the device is qualified, the former method can be used. In progress

When repairing or finding out the cause of leakage, the latter method must be adopted, and sometimes the situation of missing inspection may occur when the latter method is adopted.

This paper comes from hiris automation: hiris automation( precision气密性检测设备Pioneer, focus

It can be used in mobile phone waterproof detection, camera waterproof detection, IP waterproof level detection, wire waterproof detection, speaker waterproof detection and other sealing detection equipment.

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