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Air tightness test method of electronic scale

With the rapid development of electronic products and the demand of special applications, the requirements of users for products are also higher and higher. The waterproof of electronic products is gradually valued by users and manufacturers, and due to the different waterproof grade of electronic products, there are certain differences in waterproof performance. Manufacturers will test the waterproof level of electronic products, so each product needs to be tested for air tightness.

Hiris technology for waterproof testing and air tightness testing technology and program has been very mature, for electronic products waterproof testing also has a special discussion. This time we will share an electronic product electronic scaleWaterproof testMethods to show you.

电子称Air tightness testing equipment

Air tightness test method of electronic scale

1. According to the shape characteristics of the electronic scale, the special mold for the electronic scale is customized to place the groove of the scale plate, and the electronic scale to be tested for air tightness is put into the mold, which is conducive to the upper and lower closure of the mold during the inspection;

2. For the waterproof structure of the electronic scale, we can't use the direct detection method to carry out the direct waterproof detection. Using the mold can not only close it up and down during the detection, but also prevent the leakage of the gas filled in the mold. The compressed air is used as the detection medium, It can prevent unnecessary damage to the electronic scale by directly inflating the mold without liquid detection.


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