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How to determine the test pressure and test parameters of air tightness testing equipment

At present, the mainstream leak detector in the market isAir tightness detectorUsing compressed air for detection, there is no pollution and damage to the product, and the detection speed is fast, which can keep up with the full inspection speed of the production line. The air tightness detector is a pressure drop type leak detector. The air tightness tester integrated with positive and negative pressure detection ability has been widely used and developed. It is widely used in the air tightness detection and sealing test of engines, cylinders, battery packs, wheels, valves, etc. in automobile, aviation, electronics, electrical appliances, refrigeration equipment, household appliances, new energy automobile industry.


Figure: 5 series of airtightness detectors

The main IP grades tested by the air tightness tester are ipx7 and ipx8. Customers often ask about how much air pressure the test product needs to do to test its air tightness. Here to give you a description of the test pressure and test parameters. In general, if the customer's product has standard test parameters, we can directly input the customer's parameters into our instrument, and adjust the pressure to the test pressure required by the customer to start the air tightness test.



Figure: parameter interface of air tightness tester

But for the first time waterproof test products or just beginning to contact the air tightness tester users. We need to set the test pressure and test parameters according to the customer's product and the IP level to be tested. For example, customers need to do ipx7 waterproof test on a locator, how much test pressure should be used. The so-called ipx7 level is that the product can be used normally without being affected when it is placed in a water depth of one meter and soaked for 30 minutes. One meter water depth pressure is equivalent to 10.5kpa, at this time we will set the test pressure for customers is 10.5kpa; If the customer requires ipx8 waterproof grade, the test pressure higher than 10.5kpa should be set according to the pressure that the product can bear. The test pressure range of Harris air tightness tester is - 90 ~ 1500kpa. According to the different test pressure, the tester can be divided into low-pressure instrument, general-purpose instrument and high-pressure instrument. The lower the test pressure is, the higher the precision is. When the pressure is - 60 ~ 150 kPa, the maximum effective resolution can be better than 1 PA


Photo: Hermes HC air tightness detector


Figure: HL leader series air tightness tester

After determining the test pressure, we need to set the test parameters for the test product. Hyris air tightness tester contains many test parameters, but the data to determine whether a product is qualified mainly depends on two aspects: one is the lower limit of air intake (the minimum test pressure required by the test product), and the other is the upper limit of leakage (the maximum leakage allowed by the test product). When setting the lower limit of air intake, it is necessary to do many tests according to the customer's products. Detect all qualified products, the minimum pressure that can be reached, detect all unqualified products can reach the maximum pressure, find out the most accurate pressure value set as the lower limit of air intake. For example, the test pressure we use is 10.5kpa, but many products are still judged as qualified products according to the qualification standards of our products, although they can not reach 10.5kpa and can only reach 10.1kpa. We need to set the lower limit of air intake to the minimum air intake of qualified products, and conduct more accurate test.

When setting the upper limit of leakage, we need to do many tests according to the customer's products to detect the maximum leakage of all qualified products. For example, if the leakage value of some products is 0.05kpa, but they are still qualified products, we need to set the upper limit of leakage a little higher than 0.05kpa. The so-called upper leakage limit is the maximum allowable leakage value of the product. If the upper leakage limit is exceeded, the air tightness detector will automatically determine that the product is unqualified.


Figure: air tightness test product details

Each product is different, the required test parameters are different, there is no fixed standard. If your products need to do air tightness test, welcome to consult Harris, free of charge for your products to do test program.

For more than 10 years, Harris has always provided customers with free product testing solutions, and with its increasingly rich experience, it has provided customers with valuable sealing opinions, supporting key materials or testing resources in the stages of design, trial production and mass production, so as to shorten the verification cycle and avoid detours; According to the customer's requirements, we can provide fast and high-quality one-stop service delivery and make some humanized function customization, as well as 24-hour and 8-hour efficient after-sales service outside the province, which have been unanimously recognized by customers; Our products serve many companies in China and are exported to more than 50 countries overseas. We have gained excellent reputation in all walks of life.

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