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Main purpose of air tightness tester and application scope of air tightness testing equipment

Air tightness detectorAlso known as密封性测试仪,Waterproof tester,perhaps泄露测试仪,Air tightness testing equipmentAir tightness detectorIts main purpose is to test the sealing performance of a product or a component.Air tightness detectorAlso known asWaterproof testerperhapsIP67防水测试仪。 It is mainly used to detect whether a product is waterproof and whether the waterproof grade of a product can be reachedIP67Grade.

Photo: HarrisHCClassic seriesAir tightness detector

from气密性检测仪You can know that the product is tested with gas as the detection medium. Air source is a necessary condition for air tightness detector. The traditional sealing test method is to use water for testing, but there are many disadvantages in using water for sealing test

1.The operation is complicated. The operator needs to put the product in water, and many products need to be dried after soaking in water.

twoThe water molecules are very large, and there is no way to detect the tiny leakage point

threeThe leakage of the product is mainly observed by the naked eye of the operator, and the misjudgment of the operator is small and relatively large.

fourTest speed is relatively slow, there is no way to adapt to the needs of rapid automated production.

Because of these shortcomings, so more manufacturers began to choose more modern, fast test, accurate test results气密性检测仪。 Harris Technology气密性检测仪According to different test products and customer requirements, it is divided into six seriesAir tightness testing equipment。 Harris气密性检测仪It can not only detect the air tightness of small products, such as electric toothbrush, watch, or mobile phone speaker. It can also detect large industrial products, such as car battery pack, high voltage protection device, large outdoor audio, etc

Photo: hyris leader series waterproof detector/气密性检测设备

Harris防水测试仪(air tightness tester) is widely used, mainly in automotive parts, communication electronics, household appliances, outdoor security, and industrial supplies/气密性检测设备The scope of application is as follows

1.Mobile industry: Mobile back cover/The front frame is waterproof and breathable/Sound permeable membrane, waterproof mobile phone cover, etc.

2.Automotive Industry: tire pressure module, car camera, car lights, car parts, car pipes, charging gun, charger, controller, etc

threeBattery industry: battery pack, lithium battery shell, terminal and shell, battery charger, etc.

fourHome appliance industry: smart home controller, coffee machine, juicer, blender, kettle, etc.

fiveSmart wear: smart bracelet, watch, underwater alarm, etc.

sixElectronic consumption: electric toothbrush, sports audio, Bluetooth speaker/Earphone, hair remover, electric shampoo, etc.

sevenOutdoor security:LED Light, outdoor camera, intelligent door lock, outdoor controller, communication base station, underwater alarm, etc.

eightMilitary supplies: fuze, walkie talkie, handheld walkie talkie, car mounted walkie talkie, three defense mobile phone, etc.

nineMedical equipment: sphygmomanometer, electronic thermometer, endoscope capsule and various infusion oxygen pipes.

tenValve pipeline: valve sealing, pipeline permeability, joint sealing test.

elevenHarness industry: waterproof connector, waterproof wire, etc.

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