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Summary of waterproof test scheme for mobile phone

As a necessary electronic product, the air tightness qualification rate of mobile phone has always been a headache for mobile phone manufacturers. The reason is that its waterproof grade must reach IP67 / IP68 to ensure its waterproof performance. If you want to ensure that the internal components of the mobile phone will not be damaged when the mobile phone falls into the water or accidentally enters the water, you must go through the process of productionAir tightness testWhether the process is qualified or not. When it comes to mobile phonesAir tightness test/Waterproof testWe have to start with the waterproof structure of mobile phones. In this article, Harris will give you a brief introduction about mobile phonesWaterproof testThe importance of mobile phoneWaterproof testMobile phone防水测试The test method of this paper is introduced.

Photo: HC classic series of Harris TechnologyAir tightness test of mobile phoneinstrument

Brief introduction of mobile phone structure:

In the production of mobile phones, waterproof technology involves all aspects (design, manufacturing, testing), and its requirements are more stringentAir tightness testThis process is more complicated and rigorous. For mobile phone manufacturers, in fact, they all know that to ensure the waterproof of the mobile phone, the air tightness of all parts should be tested, and the camera, headphone mouth, horn mouth, SIM card, keys, screen frame, back cover, etc. should be tested as a whole气密性检测Which includes semi-finished mobile phones and finished mobile phones as a whole are to be carried out气密性检测

Picture:Air tightness test of mobile phoneSingle station

Shenzhen hairuisi automation technology has been committed toAir tightness test of mobile phoneR & D and production of the instrument, and do a lot of mobile phone air tightness, waterproof grade test experiments, technical experience is very rich. At present, the representative mobile phone testing manufacturers are oppo, Huawei, apple, Foxconn, Xiaomi and other international famous brands.

手机Air tightness testMethods: a brief introduction was made

Harris手机气密性测试The instrument adopts imported sensor and high sensitive large screen touch screen. The test accuracy is up to 0.1pA, and the integrated positive and negative pressure detection system is fully applicable to all difficulties of mobile phone waterproof detection. The pressure test reaches - 80 to 1000kPa, which can fully meet the requirements of mobile phone气密性测试requirement. For mobile phone users气密性测试The principle is the pressure attenuation method. We will pressurize the finished or semi-finished products of the mobile phone to see the pressure change of the gas. To test the air tightness of the mobile phone, we need to make a mold for the mobile phone. To test the air tightness of mobile phones, many parts need to be sealed. Some parts can leak air, but water can't pass through. We need to seal these parts when making molds. This is a big difficulty in the whole industry. But Harris has already solved this problem, and now it has been applied to all parts of the mobile phone气密性测试

Let's show you the recent progress手机气密性测试Real shot of the process:

The above article briefly introduces the mobile phone防水测试If you want to know more about the mobile phone防水测试Or want to get the air tightness solution of mobile phone and手机气密性检测Video can contact the online customer service of Harris technology official website, we will serve you 24 hours.

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