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Electric toothbrush_ Introduction of multi channel sound tightness tester

In recent years, with the increasing demand of the sealing test market, the traditional sealing test equipment is difficult to meet the requirements of production capacity. Sealing test equipment manufacturers began to launch a variety of sealing test schemes that can meet the requirements of various types. Single channel, multi-channel and multi station sealing test has become the development direction of the sealing test market. When it is put into use in the production line, the sealing test equipment manufacturers have begun to introduce a variety of sealing test schemes, It is welcomed by many customers.

Let's first analyze the detection principle of the sealing tester in the mainstream market

1. At present, the most advanced detection method on the market is pressure drop detection. This method can fill a certain pressure gas into the sealed workpiece, maintain the pressure for a period of time (2 ~ 5 seconds), detect whether the pressure drops, and observe the calculated pressure change to judge whether the product has leakage (5 ~ 25 seconds in the whole process).

2. This method is suitable for semi sealed products and fully sealed products. It can also be used to detect the leakage of the product by pumping air into negative pressure inside the semi sealed workpiece (for the product that needs external sealing, it can completely simulate the direction of water entering the product). The pressure drop method has the advantages of high efficiency, strong universality, high detection rate and nondestructive testing. Among them, multi-channel tightness detector can detect multiple products at the same time, which is the current mainstream tightness detector detection method.

Trend analysis of multi-channel tightness tester:

1. In the past few years, the domestic market of sealing test is not very mature. Many enterprises don't know much about the methods of sealing test. When they buy sealing test instruments and equipment, they also try to test water, so they prefer single station sealing test equipment. After a period of trial, it not only improves the production efficiency, but also improves the profits for enterprises, This also plays a role in promoting the sealing test industry.

Multichannel sound tightness detector

Multi channel sealing tester for electric toothbrush

2. In the competitive market, most enterprises follow the principle of gradual innovation and not being surpassed. Multi channel tightness testing, a tightness tester to detect two products at the same time or a tightness tester to detect multiple products at the same time, has become an inevitable trend.

3. For the manufacturers engaged in the sealing test industry, after several years of experience precipitation in the sealing test industry, and the promotion of the market demand for sealing test, the sealing test industry has broken through one difficulty after another, and the advent of multi-channel sealing test instruments is also an inevitable trend.

Advantages of using multi-channel tightness tester

1. Save time and cost; The detector can provide multiple detection channels, and can detect three camera lenses at the same time. The test speed is three times faster than usual, which is more conducive to saving time and cost.

2. Lower equipment cost; The multi-channel tightness tester is controlled by three testing equipment. It only needs one person to operate. It simplifies the manpower for the enterprise and optimizes the capital chain of the manufacturer.

3. Strong operability and high efficiency; The tester is also equipped with & amp; ldquo; Positive, negative & amp; rdquo; Two pressure forms and eight basic test modes can be selected or combined. Using 24 bit a / D conversion, 32-bit CPU operation, and fully independent development of industrial control operating system, with full touch human-computer interface. Built in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I / O control port, support a variety of communication protocols, diversified self-service operation, artificial and intelligent combination, enhance the operability of the device.

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