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10 years of technical experience in multi-channel air tightness detector_ Trend analysis of multi channel air tightness tester

With the increasing market competitiveness of various industries, improving production efficiency and saving enterprise cost has become a requirement of many enterprises. As the air tightness testing industry serving these enterprises, the demand trend of multi-channel air tightness testing equipment is imminent. According to the market survey, the demand for air tightness testing and air tightness testing in various industries is still increasing. However, the single channel air tightness testing equipment which is popular in the market in recent two years has been unable to meet the needs of some enterprises with high production efficiency. The appearance of multi-channel air tightness tester of Harris technology has been highly praised by the air tightness testing industry, At the same time, it also won the recognition of new and old customers.

Trend analysis of multi-channel air tightness detector:

1Air tightness test in previous yearsdomesticThe market is not very mature. Many enterprises don't know much about the methods of air tightness testing. When they buy air tightness testing instruments and equipment, they also try to test water, so they prefer single station air tightness testing equipment. After a period of trial, it not only improves the production efficiency, but also improves the profits for enterprises, This also promotes the air tightness testing industry. In the competitive market, most enterprises follow the principle of gradual innovation and not being surpassedMulti channel air tightness test, one air tightness tester at the same time2It is an inevitable trend that one product or one air tightness tester can detect multiple products at the same time.

2For the manufacturers engaged in the air tightness testing industry, after several years of experience precipitation in the air tightness testing industry and the promotion of the air tightness testing market demand, the air tightness testing industry has broken through one by one testing difficulties, and the advent of multi-channel air tightness testing instruments is also an inevitable trend.

Multi channel air tightness detectorExhibition:

Multi channel air tightness tester interface display:

Technical experience of multi-channel air tightness detector in various industries:

Harris TechnologytenOver the years, we have been committed to the production and sales of air tightness testing equipment. At present, we have successfully launched multi-channel air tightness testing and waterproof testing equipment to various industry markets. Throughout the past, each product launched by Harris technology to the market has maintained a very prominent technical highlight compared with the same type of products in the market. At the same time, we rely on a very excellent customer service mechanismAccumulated a good reputation. At present, the multi-channel air tightness testing instrument and the precision leakage detection system of Harris technology are of high precisionExcellent stabilityAnd humanized design is one of the few products that can compete with foreign brands on the market.

Multi channel air tightness detector of Harris Technology(Multi channel air tightness test equipment)It has been successfully promoted to all walks of life. At present, hiris technology has received more praise in the following industries: mobile phone waterproof test, new energy battery pack sealing test, smart Bracelet waterproof test, audio waterproof test, electric toothbrush waterproof test, automobile charging gun waterproof test, automobile charging gun pile waterproof test, and controller air tightness testtestingAt present, the multi-channel air tightness testing experience and technology of Harris technology have entered a mature and stable stage. With the advantages of high precision, strong stability and fast speed, it has won the favor of customers. At the same time, the after-sales service response of multi-channel air tightness testing instruments has been improvedtimeliness Also won the praise of customers.

On site case demonstration of multi-channel air tightness tester of Harris Technology:

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