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Hi OS high precision intelligent analysis and control system of hermetic tester

Brief introduction of hiris intelligent seal detection system

Harris intelligent sealing tester is a new type of high-precision nondestructive testing equipment. It mainly uses compressed air as the medium to exert a certain pressure on the inner cavity or outer surface of the product to be tested, and then uses a high sensitive sensor to detect the change of pressure, so as to determine the tightness of the product to be tested. Because it uses compressed air as the medium, there is no secondary pollution to the product, and the detection speed and accuracy are better than water detection (air molecules are less than water molecules, and the leakage speed is fast), so it can be implemented on a large scale in the production line.

At present, the traditional sealing tester is divided into direct pressure type, differential pressure type and flow type according to its sensor form. The traditional direct pressure tester has poor accuracy; The differential pressure tester has high precision, but its detection range is small (usually only 5kpa), so it needs to have standard parts for comparison, so the implementation is complex; In view of the above problems, hiris adopts the latest microchip technology and combines with hiris independent research and development of & amp; ldquo; Intelligent differential pressure & amp; rdquo; Patent algorithm. In 2012, the first generation of intelligent tester was developed, which makes it comparable to differential pressure tester in accuracy, and better in stability and cost method than differential pressure tester.


Brief introduction of system function and characteristic function

The high-precision intelligent analysis and control system is an innovative technology of Harris technology, which is applied to the detection of air tightness tester, breaking through the technical problem of achieving high-precision detection in the air tightness testing industry. In addition, the high-precision intelligent analysis and control system also further promotes the process of full intelligent and automatic detection of air tightness tester. Now let's understand the characteristic function of high precision intelligent analysis and control system!


1. High precision

Powerful 32-bit processor and 24 bit AVD converter, plus patented & amp; ldquo; Intelligent "differential pressure" algorithm, the test accuracy is equivalent to the differential pressure type. Compared with the differential pressure type, the leakage range is larger, which is basically equal to the test range.

2. Al algorithm

The automatic learning function can identify the characteristic information of the sample to be tested, analyze the effective data of the sample information, automatically judge and identify the leakage critical point, and obtain the optimal process time parameters through the analysis of the critical value, which greatly improves the difficulty of the first contact with the instrument.

3. Powerful test function

The system comes with two pressure forms and eight basic judgment methods, which can be combined into more than 20 test functions to easily cope with various working conditions and meet your various requirements! Stable, reliable, efficient, built-in self-developed patented technology& amp; ldquo; MT& rdquo; Pneumatic seal valve island; At the same time, the big leak has been detected in the inflation stage, which saves the whole test time.

4. The test process is simple and universal

No standard parts, no need to do two sets of fixture, no need to compare with the standard parts, eliminate the deformation error of standard parts after multiple tests.

5. More scalability

Modular design, according to the requirements of a host control multi-channel full function valve island composed of the executive module. Realize full function multi-channel test including positive and negative pressure and indirect test.

Hi OS 2.0 adds three basic test methods: Volume judgment, flow judgment and reverse judgment;

Hi OS 2.0 new features: learning function, volume measurement function, fast inflation function, super reset program, sensitivity self-test, critical audit function, abnormal log, pressure calibration compensation, more intelligent human-computer interaction prompt.

The air tightness testing equipment of Harris technology has strong adaptability and high-precision detection function, which helps to achieve high efficiency and low-cost production. At present, the device has been used in the air tightness detection of mobile phones, cars, batteries, home appliances, intelligent wearable, audio and other fields.

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