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Brief introduction of interface function of hermetic tester

Brief introduction of interface function of hermetic tester

As an intelligent testing equipment, we use the self-developed industrial control operating system and full touch human-computer interface. In order to improve the detection efficiency and simplify the operation process, we have made a careful design and layout of the major interfaces of the air tightness detection system. From simplifying the interface, optimizing functions, improving the convenience and fluency of operation, users can get better operation and sensory experience.

1、 Main interface: it mainly displays the functions of hermetic tester, including pre-test setting, program parameters, system parameters, history and barcode scanning, remote control, user login, factory mode.


Main interface of hermetic tester

2Pre test setting interface

The interface can meet the user's independent and unified setting of test items. It includes setting the display mode of the instrument (you can choose whether the test results are displayed in the form of digital or curve), starting mode (you can choose whether the instrument is started or external input is started), unit and precision selection (you can choose the unit and precision according to the customer's usage).


Pre test setting interface of hermetic tester

2、 Program setting interface

The user can set positive / negative pressure and differential pressure in this interface/Direct pressure/Indirect, leakage/Obstruction and8Two basic test modes are selected.


Program setting interface of hermetic tester

3Test interface

You can see it clearly in this interfaceDisplay instrument test pressure, leakage value, program number, test progress, output number, etc


Airtightness detector of Harris TechnologyTest interface

4、 History and barcode scanning:

In order to facilitate product data management and quality traceability, this function can realize product number statistics, yield and number of good products, test time, test pressure, leakage value and judgment result of each product. When using bar code scanning gun, the history record will display the corresponding scanning code, which is convenient to trace the product test results and provide scientific data reference for later production process improvement and price increase.


5、 Remote control: the user can select data transmission in the function module, and call the Harris technical experts at the operation end to provide remote assistance for the operation of the instrument.

6、 User login: it can realize the authorized operation, encrypt the test data and ensure the data security.

7、 Factory mode: after the mode is started, the equipment will be adjusted intelligently to better adapt to the air tightness test of the whole line.

The above content is a brief introduction to the function interface of hermetic tester. I hope our equipment can bring you a good test experience.

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