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Harris technology will further promote the intellectualization of air tightness testing equipment

Harris technology will further promote the intellectualization of air tightness testing equipment

in recent yearsAir tightness testing equipmentIndustry highlights continue, China'sAir tightness testinstrumentIt can even compete with foreign famous brandsHowever, as a well-known R & D company of air tightness testing equipment in China, Harris technology believes that: & amp; ldquo; On the surface, the market of air tightness testing equipment is expanding. In fact, the market mechanism of survival of the fittest has opened up the competition gap of various brands. The future market will be dominated by intelligent air tightness inspectionmeasureEquipment dominates. We should keep up with the market demand and further promote the intellectualization of products& amp; rdquo;


Why does Harris technology point the direction of R & D and production of air tightness testing equipment to intellectualization? This is determined by the market and production. As early asIn 2013, whenDomesticAir tightness testing equipmentManufacturers formally put on the quality management agendaAt that time, Harris technology has taken the leadThe quality mechanism of product online full inspection is realized; It can save, upload and trace the test results; The interlock mechanism of seal detection, air tightness test and other quality detection is realizedIt quickly occupied most of the market of air tightness testing equipment.

Therefore, Harris has been in the air tightness testing equipment production industryFor five years, we have realized that & amp; ldquo; demandDecide production & amp; rdquo;, Under the same conditions, only the products that meet the production demand can obtain a broader development space. And our production has changed from collective production to intelligent production. The future production will liberate the labor force and change from the era of mechanical automation and intelligent production.

Believe in the future,Air tightness testing equipmentThe industry will become more and more competitiveintelligenceWith the rapid development of industrialization, the technical level of the industry will be higher and higher, and the quality of products will also rise steadily,Harris technology wants to betradewithinA vital forceWe must constantly break through the research and development technology of air tightness testing equipment and update the testing functionAt the same time, Hercules technology needs to grasp the current situation in recent yearsInstruments and meters in ChinaIndustry activeIndependent innovationOpportunities forhigh-endAir tightness testing equipmentmarketInject new blood and output high quality products.

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