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What are the advantages of Harris technology mobile phone waterproof tester?

In the production of mobile phone, all parts are required to reach IP67 waterproof level, so it is very important to test the waterproof of mobile phone. Therefore, in response to the needs of mobile phone manufacturers, hiris technology has developed a mobile phone IP67 waterproof tester, which has been widely used in mobile phone sealing test. The equipment is favored by many manufacturers, mainly has the following advantages.

1. High detection accuracy and stable equipment performance

The waterproof tester is equipped with the world's top high sensitivity sensor and the precision pressure control unit of Fairchild. And Hercules technology put the independent development of & amp; ldquo; IVT& rdquo; Pneumatic sealing technology has been applied to the instrument, which greatly improves the test accuracy. As the first company to draft the enterprise standard of waterproof leakage detector in China, the detector of Harris technology can be calibrated by the relevant national calibration center or measurement and testing center, which ensures the stability and quality of the instrument.

2. High degree of automation and short detection time

This mobile phone waterproof tester has reached the automatic production standard. With & amp; ldquo; Positive, negative & amp; rdquo; Two pressure forms and eight basic test modes can be selected or combined. Using 24 bit a / D conversion, 32-bit CPU operation, and fully independent development of industrial control operating system, with full touch human-computer interface. Built in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I / O control port, support a variety of communication protocols, enhance the operability of the device, only a few seconds to complete the detection, improve the detection efficiency.

3. Good after-sales service and quick response

Harris technology has rigid requirements for its own service ability. It implements the policy of 8 hours in the province and 48 hours outside the province to serve customers as fast as possible. Secondly, we also have a complete set of fixture design, fixture design and manufacturing capacity, one-stop service, faster delivery time, and fully meet the needs of customers. At present, our customers include apple, Motorola, oppo, Huawei, Shunfeng mobile phone, Dongfang tuoyu, Fu Zhikang, Dongda integration, Bowen optics, Xinli, Lingfeng, Lansi and other well-known mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad.

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