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The new non-standard customized air tightness detector is specially designed for non-standard customization

New non standard customized air tightness leak detection equipment 气密性检测仪 Designed for non-standard customization

Air tightness detector is also called air tightness or air tightness detectorAir tightness leak detectorIt is used to test the waterproof, sealing and air tightness of products; ldquo; Water detection method & amp; rdquo; But with the progress and development of technology, it is generally used & amp; ldquo; Vacuum attenuation technology & amp; rdquo; And & amp; ldquo; Pressure drop method & amp; rdquo; There are two ways to detect.


Compared with the traditional & amp; ldquo; Water detection method & amp; rdquo;, The advantages of the new technology of air tightness testing equipment are also obvious: even a small leak point can also achieve non-destructive, non-invasive online, offline and other multi-directional testing, and now welcome time is fast, so it is widely used in electronic products, auto parts, security products, audio products of sealing testing equipment


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