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Mobile phone waterproof test, type-C waterproof test

Waterproof mobile phone, mobile phoneWaterproof test,type-c防水检测That is, through the special waterproof shell or its own closed work to achieve moisture-proof, rainproof water and even a certain period of underwater operation. There are two kinds of waterproof mobile phones. One is self waterproof. All kinds of accessories and interfaces are waterproofWaterproof testYes. This kind of mobile phone is not afraid of rain, some can also be used in the water depth of 1 meter,. The other is to install a waterproof device. As long as it is equipped with a waterproof mobile phone shell specially designed for waterproof mobile phones, ordinary mobile phones can be used within 30 to 40 meters of water depth. Waterproof technology can fundamentally solve the use and durability limitations of electronic components caused by not being able to contact with water. In the development process of mobile phone products, waterproof technology has been continuously improved and broken through, and flagship models have begun to add waterproof function. And use the air tightness detector to test the waterproof of the mobile phone


Mobile phone waterproof treatment mobile phone type-C waterproof detection equipment development process, silicone sealing advantage is obvious

Apple's iPhone 7 series products are equipped with IP67 level waterproof function, and the SIM card holder and other interfaces are sealed with waterproof silica gel, which significantly improves the durability of the mobile phone; At the same time, the apple watch series 2 Smart watch is fully waterproof, capable of withstanding the pressure of 50 meters deep water, and has a special waterproof design for the loudspeaker. The waterproof performance of the new iPhone in 2017 is expected to be further improved. And the use of air tightness detector for waterproof detection of various parts of the mobile phone, such as mobile phone shell waterproof test, USB interface waterproof test, mobile phone hole waterproof test

The smart three waterproof mobile phone detector, type-C waterproof detection equipment, developed and produced by Shenzhen Hailisi Automation Technology Co., LtdAir tightness testing equipmentIt can effectively and quickly test the waterproof performance of mobile phones, and truly achieve non-destructive and fast waterproof test, which greatly improves the efficiency and yield of enterprises. Hrs-l-01 is the latest multi-functional intelligent system successfully developed by our company气密性检测设备The unique running algorithm and waterproof test method can meet the air tightness and leakage detection requirements of various industries, and is suitable for mobile phone waterproof detection, mobile phone shell air tightness test, mobile phone microphone hole air tightness test, USB interface waterproof test, type-C waterproof detection equipment and other places

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