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What industries are air tightness testing equipment used in?

Air tightness test equipment is a necessary test item in the manufacturing process of many products,Air tightness testset up备Used in various industries

Its main purpose is to test whether the product has air leakage.Air tightness devices exist in various industries, different industries have different air tightness

The intensity of sex will be different, so in the endWhich industry products need to be used in air tightness test equipment.

1.Automobile, motorcycle, aviation and transportation: words-Engine assembly, wheel hub, carburetor, filter, cylinder block, cylinder head

Cylinder head, water tank, oil tank, water pump, oil pump, brake, control carbon tank, injector, gearbox, heater, shock absorber, inlet and outlet

Air branch pipe, brake valve, drive axle, muffler, sealing lamp, various valves and mechanical seals, pipeline, air circuit, water circuit and oil circuit.

twoElectronic and electrical sensors, computer hard disk drives, relays, solenoid valves, instruments, instruments, quartz oscillators

Integrated circuit, connector, battery, communication equipment.

threeRefrigeration equipment, household appliances, air conditioning radiator, evaporator, condenser, valve, pipeline, connector, refrigerator, electric funnel, water purification

The device.

fourGas appliances, gas meters, gas stoves, water heaters, gas stoves, gas valves, water valves, water pumps, water pipes

Gas pipeline.

The air tightness test equipment manufactured by different industries will be different in all aspects. Harris automation has been developing from 2008 to 2016

After nine years, the almanac has been integrated with a rich cultural heritage气密检测Experience and development of new technologies. Nowadays, the new high-end intelligent automation technology is becoming more and more popular气密性检测

It's already on the market. Harris气密性检测The system can be used according to different purposes, such as waterproof detection, sealing detection, leakage detection, IP

Level detection, detect the corresponding effect, intuitive and easy to operate gas detection system operation interface, more practical.

This paper comes from hiris automation: hiris automation( )Pioneer of high precision waterproof testing equipment

, focusing on mobile phone waterproof detection, camera waterproof detection, IP waterproof level detection, wire waterproof detection, speaker waterproof detection and other seal inspection

Test equipment.

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