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Has your LED display reached the standard waterproof level? Harris can tell you
Has your LED display reached the standard waterproof level?
LED display screen as an electronic device, it must have a certain level of waterproof performance. Like other electronic equipment, waterproof design is an important link in the production process of LED display screen. First of all, Harris automation technology first introduces the waterproof grade of display screen, so as to facilitate you to purchase the waterproof grade matching with the use environment.
In the first table of LED display shell protection grade, we can see that indoor and outdoor LED display shell waterproof grade is different. The waterproof grade of outdoor is generally higher than that of indoor, because outdoor LED displays need more waterproof in rainy days than indoor LED displays.
For example, the protection level of the display screen is IP54, IP is the mark letter, the number 5 is the first mark number, and 4 is the second mark number. The first marking number indicates the level of contact protection and foreign object protection, and the second marking number indicates the level of waterproof protection. It should be noted that the second characteristic number after IP is 6 and below. As the number becomes larger, the test becomes more and more strict. In other words, the LED display identified as ipx6 can pass the tests of ipx5, IPx4, IPX3, ipx2, ipx1 and IPX0.
The test with the second characteristic number 7 or 8 after IP is different from the test with 6 or below. In other words, the identification of ipx7 or ipx8 does not mean that it meets the requirements of ipx6 and ipx5 at the same time. At the same time, the LED display that meets the requirements of ipx7 and ipx6 can be identified as ipx7 / ipx6.
How to know the waterproof level of LED? You can use theAir tightness testing equipment。 The airtightness testing equipment of Harris automation technology is a high-tech IP level testing equipment. If the LED has an air hole, it can directly use the air tightness detection equipment to flush the LED, and then through the detection of the equipment, a certain amount of leakage can be obtained. The IP protection level can be obtained according to the leakage. If the LED has no blowhole, it can make a relatively sealed tooling, and then put the led into the tooling, use the hermetic detector to flush a certain amount of pressure gas into the tooling, stabilize the pressure for a while, then detect the pressure change in the tooling, and convert it into air leakage, then with the leakage, you can accurately know the IP waterproof level of the LED, For example, the waterproof grade of LED is IP65, the protection grade of LED screen is IP66, IP67 and IP68,
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