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How to deal with gas leakage and how to avoid it

How to deal with gas leakage and how to avoid it

Gas leakage generally means that the air pressure in the product is greater than that of the outside, and then the internal gas leaks out under the action of pressure due to the pressure difference between the product and the sealing of the product itself

There is another case of gas leakage, such as vacuum packaging. Because of vacuum, air needs to be pumped out, and the pressure inside the product will drop. Because the external air pressure will be higher than the internal air pressure, if the packaging material or the sealing of the product can not meet the requirements, under the effect of pressure difference, the external air will flow back into the packaging or the product, So it's impossible to have a relative vacuum. This is also a case of gas leakage. It's just the gas leaking in, not the gas leaking out.

Under normal circumstances, the products with differential pressure should be prevented from gas leakage, because one of the important quality indexes of such products is no leakage

Reasons why gas leak detection must be done:

  • 1、 The leakage of gas will cause waste of cost, especially for the gas pipeline valve device, so we should test its sealing in advance to determine whether the valve is sealed or not. If it is not sealed or the sealing effect is not good, the gas may leak. Because this kind of product is generally buried deep underground, the sealing is not handled well before installation, Then there will be gas leakage in the process of use, resulting in a waste of energy. If it is found later and then repaired, the engineering quantity is relatively large. Therefore, it is very wise to detect its leakage and sealing performance in advance. One of the gas leakage detection equipment of Shenzhen Hailisi is dedicated to the valve sealing and leakage detection equipment. The effect is good and the detection is very stable
  • 2、 Once the gas contained in the chemical product leaks out, the consequences can be very serious. Let alone the difficulty in manufacturing the chemical gas, many people clearly know that many of the chemical gases are highly toxic, strongly corrosive, and have a strong smell. People are more sensitive to this characteristic, because once the gas leaks out, it is likely to cause chemical pollution and affect people's health, Maybe one day the biochemical crisis will come true. Therefore, chemical gas must not be leaked. Then his device must be sealed to prevent gas leakage. Testing requirements are very high. So how to choose gas leakage detection equipment? One of the most famous gas leakage testing systems in China is Harris's gas leakage testing system. This kind of gas leakage testing equipment has a very small internal space, which can ensure the stability and accuracy of testing. It is the first gas leakage testing equipment for this kind of products
  • 3、 Vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging are generally used for food packaging, real drug packaging and other products that can not be exposed to air. Because of the control of the gas in the packaging materials, the packaging can not be 100% sealed, and there is no air leakage, which affects the shelf life of the products. Therefore, its leakage, seal detection is also very good seal. The leakage detection equipment of Shenzhen Harris integrates two detection methods of positive pressure, which can be used for vacuum detection of packaging materials, and can also be used for gas leakage detection under external pressure to simulate the external environment. Convenient and practical.
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