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This is a "rat" wish for your Spring Festival

In the twinkling of an eye, the new year is coming. I sent off the fat pig and ushered in the new year& rdquo;rat& rdquo;It's up to you and metwenty20. I wish you all the best in the year of the rat!

The Chinese New Year is our traditional Chinese festival and the most important one. In this festive Festival, Harris technology has prepared rich new year's products for the parents of every employee. Thank them for cultivating such excellent children, and more importantly, thank them for their support and understanding of their children's work!

Here we are& ldquo; Rat & amp; rdquo; Thanks for your Spring Festival gift list~~

The leaders of the company ordered navel oranges for everyone in Hunan navel orange garden. In the season when navel oranges are ripe, the fruit growers directly send the navel oranges to their parents far away. When they receive the sweet navel oranges, even in the snowing season in northern China, their hearts must be sweet.

At the same time, Harris also ordered the dried fruit gift bag with herb flavor. Look at this gift bag, which is as red as a hill. At the moment, what must ripple in our hearts is the taste of happiness and new year.

Don't worry, there are surprises! Harris has also prepared new year cards for your parents. We will write our best wishes on this beautiful card. It will be sent to you with our dried fruit gift bag. Don't be too moved≧◇≦

The Spring Festival benefits of Harris are distributed inOn the afternoon of January 6, 2020, a piece of love welfare was delivered to the employees and their parents' home, which fully reflects herrens' care for their families. I hope every herrens family will be happy in the new year. You have a small family, and herrens is also your everyone.

to look backHarris'stwo thousand and nineteen, we struggle, we harvest, we are proud; expectationThe coming2020General HarrisFacing opportunities, facing challenges, continue to forge ahead!2020 years of HarrisWill live up to the mission, and then create a new high!

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