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Air tightness detector is air tightness detector

1、 Brief introduction of air tightness leak detector

Air tightness leak detector

Air tightness leak detectorAlias leak detector, air tightness detector, waterproof detector, sealing detector, etc. it is mainly used for product sealing test, waterproof test, IP protection level test.

The traditional leak detection methods mostly use water immersion method or soapy water spraying method, according to the visual inspection of the tester to determine whether the workpiece has leakage. The size of the leakage depends on the subjective judgment of the tester, so it is difficult to eliminate the influence of human factors on the test results, and it also determines that it can not quantitatively measure the leakage rate of the workpiece. In addition, after the test with this method, the workpiece should be cleaned, dried and antirust treated, which brings unnecessary trouble to the production. Some products can not enter the water, and once they enter the water, they will be damaged, increasing the cost of waterproof detection. In fact, it is an unwise leak detection method.

With the acceleration of industrialization process, the quality requirements of products are higher and higher, and the traditional leak detection methods can not meet the actual requirements. Therefore, the current air tightness leak detector mostly adopts differential pressure type, direct pressure type and flow type. Let's take a look at the principle of differential pressure type air tightness leak detection.

2、 Differential pressure type气密性检测仪principle

Principle of differential pressure type air tightness detector: a reference volume (also known as standard volume) is provided in the system, while the measured system is another volume. A controlled valve is used to connect the two volumes. When they are inflated at the same time, their pressure is the same, and then the valve is closed to connect the valve. After a while, because the standard volume is fully closed, there will be no leakage, Therefore, its pressure is the inflation pressure, and if there is leakage of the measured part, the pressure will drop. If there is more leakage, the more the pressure will drop until the leakage is complete. A sensor is used to measure the pressure difference between the two ends. Generally, there is less differential pressure when the leakage is small, so a micro range sensor can be selected for measurement (generally between 300 and 5kpa). Because the total range is greatly reduced, the absolute resolution and accuracy reach a high level (generally between + - 1pA and + - 20Pa, 1pA is about 1% gram)

3气密性检漏仪main features

With high sensitivity pressure sensor, the air tightness test accuracy is higher; Large diameter air control valve is adopted, which has the advantages of fast inflation speed, good sealing, no heating and long service life. The air tightness detector has the function of intelligent test, sealing and waterproof. According to the use characteristics of the air tightness detector, through the automatic correction function, the error caused by temperature and deformation can be effectively eliminated, the short-time precision measurement can be realized, and the test efficiency can be greatly improved.

4、 Application field of air tightness leak detector

The air tightness detector can be used in motor vehicle parts: engine, cylinder head, radiator and gasoline pump; Gas appliance: composition and accessories of stove, bellows and valves; Electrical products: sealed relay, sealed motor, submersible pump, hard disk, etc; Hydraulic and pneumatic components: solenoid valve, cylinder, filter, various water valves; Others: medical device parts, watches, underwater cameras, air tightness testing, waterproof testing, air tightness leak detection

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