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Waterproof detection of water speakers

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, marine entertainment, beach entertainment is also growing, so as a speaker to do entertainment must be lack of equipment. And the speakers used in our environment must stand the test of water, and must do the waterproof test of the speakers. Otherwise, in half the time, because of the water burning the speakers, it is not very disappointing? So it's easy to remember that this speaker is not waterproof, and the quality is not good. Then it will affect your market share. Therefore, it is necessary to make a sound boxWaterproof test。 The most famous waterproof testing company in China is Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd., which is rich in speaker waterproof testing technology and has a speaker waterproof testing scheme, which can be customized on demand. No matter the waterproof speaker used in large entertainment places or the portable mil waterproof speaker can be detected, and the detection stability is very good. We have cooperated with JBL International Group for a long time. The following is a water speaker waterproof test site.





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