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Hailisi technology sympathizes sick employees and warms people's hearts with little care

two thousand and nineteenyearthreemonthsevenOn the 8th, our company leaders led our colleagues to Shenzhen Guangming New Area Hospital to visit our sick employees.

The company leaders and colleagues sent the company's consolation money, asked the sick employee's condition in detail, told him to pay attention to rest, encouraged him to build up confidence, recuperate well, strive for early recovery, and return to the big family of Harris technology. The care of leaders is like a touch of sunshine in winter, which makes sick employees and their families feel incomparable warmth. The sick employee expressed his gratitude to the leaders and colleagues for their care and help. He will actively cooperate with the treatment and strive for an early recovery!

The sick employee is an important person in charge of the production department of Harris technologycompanyDuring the working period, he has been conscientious and responsible, and has made a lot of contributions to the production of the company's production department. This employee is enthusiastic and responsible. When we encounter problems in our daily work, he tries his best to help solve them. This time because of kidney stone disease had to go to the hospital for treatment. When his company colleagues knew that he was ill, they encouraged him to take good care of him!The sick employee expressed his sincere thanks for everyone's concern and said that he would return to work immediately after he got well.

& ldquo;The enterprise is the ownership of the employees, the employees are the wealth of the enterprise, and there is no trivial matter for the employees& rdquo;A greeting, a care, can let employees feel the warmth of the herrens family. Hiris technology has always been adhering to the people-oriented, caring about the lives of employees, solving problems for employees, bringing sincerity and true feelings to the bottom of employees' hearts, so that every employee can better put into their own work.

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