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Harris technology wins 10 computer software copyright certificates

in recent years,Harris TechnologyWe will continue to strengthen independent scientific and technological R & D and innovative R & D,In the air tightness testMake active exploration in this field, developed a number of practical technologies and innovative equipment, and won 10 national computer software copyright certificates.Ten years of technology precipitation has made Hercules technology the industry's technology vane, triggering a technical revolution in the air tightness testing industry.

The computer software copyright is obtained, and the software names are: Harris handheld leakage test system V1.0, Harris anti leakage test intelligent learning systemv1.0Flow and pressure composite test systemv1.0Flow type leakage test system of Harrisv1.0The operating system of Harris intelligent manipulatorv1.0H-rex extrusion leak test systemv1.0Air leakage test system of hirisv1.0Software of multi-channel airtightness testerv1.0, Harris test data storage and analysis system

The acquisition of the above computer software copyright certificate represents that Harris technology owns all the exclusive rights enjoyed by the software works. The copyright of computer software is an important index in the research and development of airtightness testing equipment of Harris technology. It can objectively reflect the development ability of Harris technology in terms of independent intellectual property achievements. It can be protected by law and become an important basis for technology investment, application for scientific and technological achievements and enjoying various preferential policies.

The 10 certificates not only mean the authoritative certification and protection of intellectual property rights, but also show the strength of the company. It is an important witness that Harris technology has been committed to professional technology, and also reflects that Harris technology has always attached importance to scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property protection. We encourage hiris technology to make unremitting innovation in air tightness detection technology, and provide users with higher quality and higher precision air tightness detection equipment.

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