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Looking forward to spring

Send off the year of the dog and welcome the golden pig. In the past year, Harris technology has made remarkable achievements. Behind these achievements, we can't do without the efforts of employees and the support of their families. Here, Harris technology would like to say to you & amp; ldquo; Thank you & amp; rdquo;。

Since ancient times, the festival has maintained the Chinese people's feelings for home. This time, Harris technology has prepared a big gift for the family members of all employees; mdash;& amp; mdash; A new year card signed by the chairman of the board, a rock sugar orange from Qianyang and a nut gift bag. All gifts will be sent by our administrative staff to the families of all employees by express delivery. I hope this will make you feel the warmth from Harris technology this winter.

& ldquo; Welcome the first spring and come back together & amp; rdquo; Returning home is the expectation of all the tourists who come to Shenzhen. Hiris understands the heart of the tourists deeply. The employees bring a good harvest for the enterprise with their hard work. We give back with big gifts to bring warmth to the cold road of returning home. We also place a sense of homesickness on the employees, so that the employees can fully feel the warmth of hiris family.

Finally, we wish you all the best in the year of the pig.

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