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Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. official website revision online!

In order to better enhance the browsing experience of the majority of users, at the same time, in order to better display the brand image of Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd., and at the same time better serve customers and user friends. Official website of Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd( has been revised and upgraded, and now it has been officially put into use. I hope the new version of the website can bring you a new browsing experience.

As the display service platform of corporate brand image, in order to better unify the website style, reflect the concise characteristics, and let users have a better reading experience, Shenzhen Harris has carried out a comprehensive optimization on the whole website, which makes the corporate image more distinct and prominent, the corporate product display more clear, and the content more rich and comprehensive, It can better reflect the enterprise style of Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

This time, Shenzhen hairis has redesigned the column in the website revision and upgrading, which makes the column structure more clear and reasonable, and further improves the service effectiveness of the website. In the first screen of the home page, the different types of airtightness tester of Shenzhen Harris are clearly displayed. Compared with the original website, Shenzhen Harris has added air tightness testing industry solutions, air tightness testing customer case display and air tightness testing auxiliary tooling display on the newly revised website to intuitively show ip waterproof test and leakage detection scheme for customers!

The new version of the official website of Shenzhen Harris presents a new brand image for the majority of users, taking the actual needs of users as the starting point. At the same time, I hope you can leave your valuable comments and problems when browsing the website! We will solve it for you at the first time!

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