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Using waterproof detection equipment to detect whether Apple 7 mobile phone really realizes waterproof function

ApplesevenAlready insixteenThis is undoubtedly another upsurge of Apple mobile phone controllers. Especially add waterproof function

So many Apple fans are very happy, and finally can achieve wash & amp; ldquo; Apple & amp; rdquo; I don't have to worry about my cell phone any more

It's in the toilet. So the question is, is Apple really waterproof? If you put such an expensive mobile phone straight

Then throw it into the water for a test. If you can't prevent water, your mobile phone will become a drowned chicken. Here, I suggest

We must not be so rash to throw the expensive mobile phone directly into the water for testing. You can use waterproof testing equipment

To test whether it really has this function.

As a pioneer in the waterproof detection system industry, herrense has its own advantages防水检测设备It is a kind of intelligent leak detection and testing system

Note in mobile phone waterproof test, mobile phone sealing test. We have done a precise research on the waterproof of mobile phone, and in many digital products

Among them, the waterproof detection has reached the world's level, and the mobile phone waterproof detection equipment of Harris has won the majority of customers

The identity of body. The waterproof detection equipment developed, produced and sold by hiris automation technology has very small internal space

(1.5CC),It can ensure the stability and reliability of the test to the maximum extent. Equipped with imported high-sensitivity pressure sensor, it can be used for inspection

The measurement accuracy can reach0.1PAIt can completely satisfy the waterproof test of mobile phone, and the detection accuracy can be described objectively

So that every minute the bubble with large leakage needle eye can be ready to be detected without error.


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