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Automobile inner tube air tightness testing equipment

The air tightness testing equipment of automobile inner tube shall be in accordance with the standards of the people's Republic of China (GB 1038, GB / t7755-2003, ISO 2556, ISO 15105-1, GB / t7755-2003)Astmd1434 and other specifications. Tire air tightness testing equipment is suitable for testing the gas barrier of automobile tires, airbags and other materialsTesting. The principle of automobile inner tube air tightness testing equipment is to place the pretreated sample between the upper and lower test chambers and clamp itVacuum the low pressure chamber (lower chamber), and then vacuum the whole system. When the specified vacuum degree is reached, close the test chamberThe test chamber (high pressure chamber) is filled with a certain pressure of test gas, and a constant pressure difference is formed on both sides of the sample(adjustable), so that the gas will penetrate from the high pressure side to the low pressure side under the effect of the pressure gradient, through the monitoring of the pressure in the low pressure sideThen, the barrier parameters of the tested sample are obtained

The company has experienced 9 years from 2008 to 2016, integrating rich experience in air tightness detection and new technology development. Today's new high-end intelligenceAutomatic air tightness testing equipment has been introduced. Harris气密性检测系统It can be used for different purposes, such as waterproof test,Seal detection, leakage detection, IP level detection, detect the corresponding effect, intuitive and easy to operate gas detection system operation interface,It is more practical.

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