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How to do sealing test for activated carbon rod of filter element of water purifier? Hermetic tester can be used

How to make carbon rod for filter element of water purifierSeal detection? AvailableAir tightness testerAt present, there are many water purifiers in the market, and there are a total of one of these products

At the same time, it depends on the activated carbon rod and ultrafiltration rod to purify the impurities in water. How can the activated carbon rod and ultrafiltration rod be used in tap water

Working under high pressure without water leakage?

How to make filter element of water purifier密封检测? This should go back to the production process of activated carbon rod; At present, the filter element of water purifier is based on

The utility model uses rotary melting, hot melting or sealing ring gasket; At present, this kind of process is widely used by many water purifier manufacturers

General use. These processes can not guarantee that every product is completely sealed, so a sealing test is needed;

So, how does this kind of product do seal test? The traditional way is: 1.Directly use tap water to pass into the filter element

waterAfter a period of time, detect whether there is exudation at the junction; twoUse compressed air to simulate water pressure and observe by soaking in water

evenWhether there are bubbles at the joint. If there are bubbles, it is proved that the product has leakage; This way is based on human observation, not enough

strictSincerely; Or will there be a part of defective products that are not detected and will flow to the market, which will affect the product quality and brand image

nogoodThe negative influence of the market economy;

So, is there an instrument that can accurately detect the leakage of such products?The answer is yes,

asIt can be used气密性检测仪This kind of equipment has the characteristics of no pollution, fast detection speed, stability and accuracy!

At present, domesticAir tightness testing equipmentDo better is the Shenzhen Hai Ruisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. For more than ten years

expertNote on气密性检测设备We are in R & D, production, and sales.yesCarbon rod seal detection of water purifier filter element, IP waterproof, etc

ClassTest, Shenzhen Hai Ruisi automatic technology has rich experience, has been able to successfully provide a number of customersDensity of carbon rod in water purifier

Sealing test;

Harris气密性检测设备检测Filter element of water purifierWhat is the principle?

Working principle introduction:

Pressure drop method, as the name suggests, through the same amount of air intake, pressure stabilization, detection, through the detection of gas pressure, volume change by fine

After a series of sampling, calculation and analysis, the leakage rate and leakage value of PLC are obtained

dataMake a judgment OK or ng.

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