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International cooperation with Russian customers

Recently, the good news of Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been continuously increasing. In addition to the rising domestic business performance, the overseas marketing department has also continuously brought good news. Recently, Harris has reached a satisfactory cooperation with Russian customers on Harris precision leak detector. the near future,HarrisWe visited the cooperative customers in the United States, France, coveco and Israel one after another. The customers highly praised the convenience and ease of use of Harris leakage testing instrument, and highly recognized the after-sales service of Harris.

Since its establishment in 2008, Shenzhen Harris technology has rapidly entered the international market with its own product advantages, and has been recognized and trusted by the international automation market. On September 25, hiris technology welcomed new customers from Russia. Under the leadership of the company's staff, they visited hiris technology's production workshop, product R & D center and product exhibition area, and communicated and exchanged technical issues. Russian customers spoke highly of the leak detection equipment and process of hiris technology, and said that they would further strengthen cooperation.

After the negotiation, both sides tested the purchased precision detector

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