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Hiris waterproof test instrument has been recognized by customers of Keweike
Today, Kuwait customers are comingHarrisThe field test of the smart watch sealing tester is carried out, and the effect and precision of Harris sealing tester are very ideal, and the friendly cooperation is achieved
Harris intelligent sealing tester is a new type of air tightness detection,Air leakage test equipment。 It is widely used in the waterproof test of smart watches,Sealing test, smart Bracelet seal test, waterproof test, and all the places that need to do waterproof test and seal test.

The calibration process of leakage detector is very simple, and only one parameter needs to be changed to complete the calibration.
Unique pneumatic sealing technology of leakage detection equipment ensures stable test and small volume (254x280x400)
Equipped with high sensitivity sensor and pressure regulating valve, the minimum resolution can reach 0.01pa
Minimal internal volume (1.5cc), maximum guarantee of test stability.
Wide pressure range (0-0.4mpa) and multi group pressure sequence test.
The real-time data storage realizes the product traceability, and the historical records can be expanded infinitely.
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