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Hyris group building activity in May 2021 - it's more wonderful because of you

Time will go far, images will last,

Every step we have taken together at Harris technology has a track to follow.

In order to make new and old employees more familiar with the company and understand the company, enhance the communication, exchange and cooperation between departments and colleagues。 And thanksThe hard work of all employees in the first half of the year has strengthened the interaction between leaders and employees,With the strong support of the leaders, Harris Technology5monthtwenty-nineThe company held a meeting on May2021year5Monthly League building activities.

MayThis water like seasonWarm sunshine into my heartWith all the singing and laughing along the way,Here comes the HarrisEmbracing green mountains and green waters, sitting on the blue skyDongguanJingu ecological park in Houjie Town

How can happy League building activities be without games,Scene, allHerrenseForget the age, forget the position identity, wholeheartedly into the fun of the League building game, the atmosphere suddenly hi up.The small game brings happiness, unity and trust to every employee, builds up a sense of belonging and honor in the laughter, and enhances the cohesion of the employee team.

In the blink of an eye, at noon, there was a big culinary competition& mdash;& amp; mdash;The kitchen god of herrenseThe game started. All staff participate in it, and all staff work together,Actively integrate into it.ColleaguesWashing vegetables, setting dishesStir fry vegetablesEach of them has his own duties and is very busy.Plain and lightlunchThe happy atmosphere makes the whole team devote themselves to it.

Guangdong is already very hot in May. What if you don't want to go out after dinner? Various recreational activities:Hammock leisure, angry birds, billiards, table tennis, badminton, chess, mahjong, karaoke OK, fishingYou can also taste fresh fruits, such as pitaya and grapes, in the ecological park for free.

With everyone's laughter, the Youth League building activity also entered the stageConclusionThrough the League building activities, strengthen communication between departments, enhance mutual contact and trust among employees, and improve enterprise cohesion.

Taking stock of the past and looking forward to the future, we will face more opportunities and challenges in the second half of the year. We should make good use of the presentAirtight and waterproofIndustry development trend, the use of the company's advantages, mining and integration of resources, market-oriented, strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in business performance. Firm confidence, tenacious struggle, for the completion of new goals and tasks, to achieve sustained and steady development of the company and strive!

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