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Hailisi gives gifts to employees' children on June 1 | I wish you a happy holiday

stay& ldquo; 61 & amp; rdquo; As the international children's Day approaches,In order to make every child in the company be able toWith the care of the big family, Harris technology grows up healthily and happily. The leaders of the company prepare carefully for the children of the employeesChildren's day benefits,And in5monthtwenty-sixAfternoon of the 5thgrantreachstaffIn the hand, send a holiday greeting for the children, let the children feel the deep love.

all the time,HarrisAdvocate the culture of big family, while building a platform for employees,HarrisAlso& ldquo; Love & amp; rdquo; Integrate into daily work and life. Every year, children's Day is as in the past sending gifts and warm wishes to their children.HarrisTo encourage employees to love the enterprise and work harder.

In the development process of Harris technology, our employeesDay after day, year after year,To provide customers with high quality service,Give up small family, for everyone,Hercules technology is very grateful to every employee.And I won't forget itstaffBehind the hard work, families who strongly support their work and understand their parents, husbands, wives and children& hellip;& amp; hellip;I hope that the children will be more happy when they receive the holiday welfare carefully prepared by the big family.

It's the thought that counts.Harris TechnologySpecifically forEmployees' childrenSend Festival welfare, reflectThe company's responsibility for employees' childrenMy loveChildhood is a happy, wonderful, happy childhood& ldquo; 61 & amp; rdquo; Will also become the best memories of children, I wish the healthy growth of children, I believeEmployeesWhen you give a gift to your child, it's also a giftHarrisWe hope to sow warmth and harvest hope for the future.

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