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May employee's birthday party of Harris

Birthdays are footprints of growing up

It's a new break point in growing texture

Every birthday witnesses our growth

Full of our expectations for the future

In May, the farm is busy and the lotus is fragrant& hellip;& amp; hellip; The recovery of all things is the best time in the world. On this day, and live up to the beautiful may,Harris technology for employees with may birthdayHeld& ldquo; Birthday party & amp; rdquo; Activities.

5monthtwenty-fiveOn the afternoon of the 12th,Harris's may birthday party is on. This activity is specially planned by Harris technology, with the participation of all employees of the company. It aims to enhance the internal cohesion of employees, improve the stability of employees, and give them more warmth and care after work, so as to maintain a better working attitude and grow and develop together with Harris.

In the familiar musicBirthday stars came to the birthday scene one after anotherThe birthday party beganLet's get together and celebrate together。 We also have beautiful double cakes and all kinds of fruits,Joy and joy often accompany, surprise and moving often

Let's sing the birthday song togetherThe birthday people made a wish to the candle.I hope every wish will come trueI hope every dream can blossomHope inHarris'sHappy every daywishDear friends of HarrisHappiness is more than todayIt's not just birthdays

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