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2021 CMM electronic manufacturing automation & amp; Resources Exhibition will open soon

two thousand and twenty-oneyearfivemontheighteen-twentyday2021 CMM Electronic manufacturing automation& amp;Resource ExhibitionWill be inDongguan& middot; Guangdong Modern International Exhibition CenterHoldFrom the beginning of the exhibition,CMMThe exhibition adheres to & amp; ldquo; Close, professional, attentive, win-win & amp; rdquo; We are committed to promoting the development of electricitysonThe continuous progress of manufacturing technology helps electronic manufacturing factories upgrade. nowadaysCMMThe exhibition has become one of the professional exhibitions of electronic manufacturing technology with large scale, many exhibits and complete categories in China.

Harris technology will appear2021 CMM Electronic manufacturing automation& amp;Resource Exhibition

in recent years,More and more electronic products need to be waterproof,At this juncture,With the rapid development of air tightness and waterproof detection, the market prospect of air tightness industry is growing.AsHermes technology, a leading enterprise in air tightness and waterproof testing equipment industry, will be invited to participate2021 CMM Electronic manufacturing automation& amp;Resource ExhibitionThe exhibition number of Harris technology is:A6026

Established intwo thousand and eightHercules Technology,He is a senior in the industry& ldquo;veteran& rdquo;, has been deep inAir tightness detector and its matching inspection toolsCommitted to helpingCustomersSolve the problem of waterproof detection.In recent years, due toAir tightness testTechnical innovation, won a lot of honors, such asThe first draft in China& ldquo; Enterprise standard for waterproof leakage detection & amp; rdquo; It's also the State & amp; ldquo; Waterproof testing standard for electronic products & amp; rdquo; The main drafting unit of national standard revision.

Hermetic testing equipment of Harris technology has been widely used in all walks of life,Business radiationoverseas50Many countries,Service enterprise users exceed5000homeEnough to witnessHarris TechnologyIt's a powerful force.In this exhibition, Harris technology willmeanwhileAir tightness and waterproof testing equipment of eight series productsAll new and old customers come to join us

exhibitionCollection praiseGift collection activities

In this exhibition, in addition to bringing you advanced air tightness and waterproof testing equipment, hiris also prepared a surprise activity of praise and gifts. stay5month18day-5month20On site attention during the exhibition& ldquo; Harris Technology & amp; rdquo; WeChat official account, reply to & ldquo; Harris air tightness tester & amp; rdquo; Get copywriting and sharing links, forward to the circle of friends, you can get the following gifts:

Jizanman88You can get the smart thermos cup from the herrens technology booth1One.

The quantity is limited, first come first served, delivery is finished, thank you for your attention!

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