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Herrens technology appears in Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition

Asia's largest auto parts, maintenance testing and diagnostic equipment and auto supplies exhibition & amp; mdash;& amp; mdash; Shanghai Frankfurt auto parts show will be held in Shanghai from November 28 to December 1, 2018; middot; Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center was held. The four-day exhibition ushered in global exhibitors, professional visitors, industry organizations and media, and witnessed the latest process of the whole automobile ecosystem. Shenzhen hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition, booth No. 6.2d70.

Airtightness tester intelligent airtightness testing system of Harris technology has already become a good story in the air tightness testing industry. At the 2018 Shanghai Frankfurt auto parts exhibition, Shanghai Swiss technology introduced the airtightness tester products of Harris technology to the global automobile industry and made a case test demonstration. Advanced learning function, simple, easy to operate intelligent detection system, have attracted the automotive industry to consult.

Hermes technology, with its air tightness detector, appeared in this annual grand meeting of global automobile industry personages, displaying a new brand image and high-end product quality.

With complete functions, it can meet all kinds of complex testing requirements, meet the testing needs of various products in the automotive industry, and attract many participants and visitors to negotiate.

& mdash;& amp; mdash; About Harris Technology & amp; mdash;& amp; mdash;

Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is a state-level high-tech enterprise with decades of development history, headquartered in & amp; ldquo; City of design and city of Innovation & amp; rdquo; Shenzhen has a good reputation.

Since its inception, Harris has been & amp; ldquo; Revitalizing national industry & amp; rdquo; Focus on the field of production automation and testing automation; Actively explore, in-depth research, bold innovation. Yun Ying's own professional knowledge and rich practical experience, to provide customers with efficient, high quality, high reliability products and services.

At present, Hermes has successfully launched the sealed waterproof testing instruments and solutions, complete sets of mobile phone screen production solutions, ultra-low temperature cryogenic processing and cleaning solutions to the market. Throughout the past, each product launched by Harris to the market has maintained a very prominent technical highlight compared with the same type of products in the market. At the same time, it has accumulated a good reputation with its excellent customer service mechanism. In particular, the precision leak detection system of Harris is one of the few products that can compete with foreign brands due to its ultra-high precision / excellent stability / and humanized design.

Win the market with technological innovation! Harris respects intellectual property rights, draws world-class experience with an open mind, seriously digests and absorbs it, strives to catch up with and surpass it, and makes bold breakthroughs and innovations; At present, it has obtained a number of independent invention patents and utility model patents, 17 software copyrights and a number of design patents in the field of sealing test. At the same time, Harris has also become a national & amp; Technology Co., Ltd; ldquo; Waterproof testing standard for electronic products & amp; rdquo; The main drafting units of the national standard revision have led the development of the industry and become an example for the industry to imitate; At the same time, we have forged a highly educated and experienced scientific research and engineering team, which can carry out customized product development and service according to the needs of customers in real time.

Lean production regards quality as life! Harris has a group of modern high-precision processing equipment and related professionals; Around the product sealing, plugging positive innovation breakthrough, especially in the small complex special-shaped parts, wire sealing, high pressure product plugging test and other aspects, master the unique solution, applied for a number of patent achievements, formed its own unique technical advantages; At the same time, the company also purchased advanced calibration equipment, each instrument and equipment will go through the harsh environmental aging test and calibration, to ensure the quality of product delivery. Advanced equipment and experienced talent team make herrense have the ability to deliver the whole set of equipment in 10-15 days with high quality and quantity.

Endless service, and strive to move customers! Herrense regards customer value creation as the only standard to test its own value. To create value for customers and solve their problems as the starting point, fully collect customers' needs before sales, formulate reasonable and reliable implementation plan for customers, and put forward professional suggestions for customers' product structure and process improvement; Explain the usage of air tightness tester carefully for customers during sales; The whole process of installation and distribution is followed up by special personnel; After sales, open a free service hotline, establish a follow-up mechanism, effectively collect customer feedback problems and solve them in time, at the same time, upgrade the sold products free of charge to improve service when necessary.

Hiris technology is invited to participate in 2020 smart wearable innovative materials and Applications Summit Forum Hiris technology is invited to participate in 2020 smart wearable innovative materials and Applications Summit Forum

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