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Direct attack of the exhibition: grand occasion of Harris technology in AMTS Shanghai

The 15th Shanghai international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment and Materials Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai AMTS exhibition) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 3, 2019. Known as & amp; ldquo; Micro leak detection expert & amp; rdquo;& amp; ldquo; Provide one stop leak detection technology & amp; rdquo; Herrense technology of China also participated in the exhibition (AMTS 2019 booth number: w5-b14)


As a grand exhibition of automotive engineering industry, AMTS Shanghai has always attracted much attention. Since its establishment in 2004, AMTS has presented a full range of system integration solutions in the field of automotive engineering from an international perspective. Over the past 10 years, the scale, exhibition scope and professional audience of the exhibition have increased rapidly, which has greatly promoted the development of international automobile manufacturing equipment technology exchange and trade!


In recent years, the air tightness detection technology is more and more widely used and mature in the waterproof detection of auto parts. The air tightness test area of AMTS Shanghai exhibition is full of big brands and bustling. As a leading expert in the air tightness testing industry, the company's six series of products all appeared in this exhibition.

HC classic series air tightness detector, with positive and negative pressure, has more than 2000 sets of equipment used in thousands of customers. HN pilot series instruments, representative of embedded air tightness detector, can be combined into multi-channel air tightness detection. Because of its high flexibility and scalability, it is recognized by many customers. The HL leader series of air tightness testing equipment newly launched by Harris also appeared in this exhibition. The HL leader series of equipment is a product of many years of experience and technology accumulated by Harris, integrating the future intelligent gene, which is very suitable for the use of modern intelligent factories. With complete instruments, different air tightness testing equipment to meet the air tightness testing needs of different users, the exhibition area has attracted many exhibitors to stop for consultation.



Hiris has done many cases in the air tightness detection of auto parts, and the technology is mature. Especially in the new energy vehicle battery pack, electric vehicle lithium battery, auto parts, engine, transmission, car, wheel hub, motor and other areas accumulated rich experience in sealing test. At the exhibition site, our staff patiently answered the air tightness test questions of all auto parts. At the same time, we demonstrated the operation method and use details of our air tightness detector.

Hiris technology has been specialized in air tightness testing equipment for 11 years, serving customers attentively for 11 years, and insisting on providing customers with free air tightness testing scheme. This kind of spirit of making products with heart has won the praise and trust of the industry. Many customers signed contracts and placed orders on the spot. Hyris air tightness tester has not only established an excellent reputation in China, but also exported its air tightness testing equipment to foreign countries. Many foreign customers also praise our air tightness testing technology in Shanghai AMTS booth area.


At the 2019 Shanghai international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment and materials exhibition, Harris technology not only shows high-quality products and the strength of the enterprise, but also shows Harris Technology & amp; ldquo; We provide trust, precision and efficiency& amp; rdquo; The mission of Hercules & amp; ldquo; China's brand, the height of the world& amp; rdquo; Corporate vision.


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