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Test example of face recognition punch in machine with hermetic waterproof test

At present, face recognition technology has been applied to attendance statistics. The appearance of face recognition attendance machine can effectively solve the problems of signature and clock in, and make attendance statistics more real and accurate.So ifFace recognition punchWhat are the requirements for outdoor installation?

Products to be tested:Face recognition punch

When the face recognition punch card machine is used in outdoor occasions, it needs to have good waterproof functionIn order to avoid the corrosion and short circuit of the circuit board caused by the weather in the use process.

Face recognition punchWaterproof test fixture

According to the needs of customers, we need toFace recognition punchconductIP68Waterproof gradeThe following equipment and solutions are used for the test:

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series of airtight waterproof testing equipment

Solution: adopt indirect test method to test pressure17KPAInflation time15S,holding time 10STest time10S, upper leakage limit0.04KPAThe test fixture is designed according to the structure of human. The fixture is used to seal the whole face recognition punch. The instrument monitors the internal air pressure of the die through the process of inflation, pressure stabilization and testing, and detects the leakage of the face recognition punch. According to the set parameters, the system automatically determines the product that can not reach the test pressure or the measured leakage value exceeds the upper limit of the leakageNG

Test parameters of hermetic waterproof testing equipment

HarrisHCClassic series of airtight waterproof testing equipmentThe waterproof test of face recognition punch card machine is more accurate and efficient, which is highly praisedA lotFace recognition is favored by the manufacturers of punch cards.

HarrisHCClassic series of airtight waterproof testing equipment

For ten years, hiris technology has been on the way of precipitation and accumulation, creation and innovation of air tightness and waterproof detection technologyThe company adheres to the pursuit of excellent service concept, from design and development to production and manufacturing, with professional technology and first-class quality, serving various industries.

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