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Hermetic testing equipment for humidity sensor industry

Human survival and social activities are closely related to humidity. With the development of modernization, it is difficult to find a field that has nothing to do with humidity.Humidity sensor is now widely used, humidity sensor can monitor the humidity in the environment, and has important applications in food protection, environmental detection and other aspects

Product to be tested: humidity sensor

In the sensor industry, the sensor housing is exposed to the changing temperature and pressure environment. Humidity changes, dust, dirt and moisture will affect the electronic components of the sensor. In order to meet the production testing requirements of humidity sensor products, Harris technology carries out testing according to the appearance and level requirements of humidity sensor. Let's take a look at this case.

Temperature sensor waterproof detection fixture

According to customer requirementsIP67Waterproof gradeThe following equipment and methods have been adopted:

Equipment used: HarrisHPDevelop a series of air tightness and waterproof testing equipment

Detection method:useIndirect test method, according to the structure of the product custom mold, put the product in the mold, seal the product around, make the product in a sealed state, test。 Test pressure15KPAInflation time10Second, voltage stabilization time10Second, test time5Second, leakage value0.06KPA

Humidity sensor air tightness waterproof testing equipment

Compared with the traditional bubble method, the air tightness test equipment can detect the overall tightness of the product more quickly,Accurately test the leakage value of the productCustomers are also very satisfied with this high quality and efficient product testing method.

HarrisHPDevelop a series of air tightness and waterproof testing equipment

Air tightnessTesting equipmentyeshumidity sensor An indispensable product in the production process, if there is no measuring instrument, the products produced by various manufacturers will leakDamage to electronic componentsThe sealing performance of the product can not pass the testing organization, which has an impact on the marketing of the product. For securityThe humidity sensor can be put on the market normally, and each manufacturer should carry out self inspection for its own products.

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