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Smart watch how to do air tightness and waterproof detection, come and have a look!

The era of only looking at time with a watch is really over.

Smart watch, smart headset, smart phone...In recent years,"intelligence"With the development of science and technology, this word has become more and more popular, and various products in the market have been added"intelligence"Smart phone, smart TV, smart socket, even smart water cup, smart toothbrush and so on.This year's hottest is smart watch.

HarrisHC classic series waterproof detector

The history of smart watch is only a few years, but the development speed of the consumer electronics industry is often ten times that of other industries. Many categories tend to develop explosively, such as computers and smart phones, smart watches and real wireless headphones. Smart watch can transfer mobile phone notification to the wrist, convenient to view information at any time, do not need to take out the mobile phone to view, plus you can carry out some simple interaction through the watch.

Airtightness and waterproof test case of herrens Technology Smart Watch

Compared with traditional watches, smart watches can be worn and used in a more complex environment,Waterproof is an indispensable factor.

Once the waterproof level of smart watch does not meet the corresponding requirements, after wearing for a period of time, the performance of the product will be affected due to the penetration of water, or it is easy to happen in itself"accident"It will be a bad thing that the rain weather will lead to product failure. Therefore, the efficient waterproof technology of smart watch is indispensable.

Middle frame of smart Watch+TP

Now on the market, the waterproof level of smart watches is generally up toIP67。 So you knowIntelligent WatchIP67What is the role of testingIs that rightIP67Testing is the protection test of products to prevent the entry of flying dust and water, the protection of electrical equipment shell against foreign matters, and the maintenance of the durability and convenience of the use of products. It is required by the market and the inevitable requirement for products to enter the market.

Air tightness and waterproof detection of smart watch back shell

HarrisHC classic series waterproof detectorBecause of the particularity of the smart watch, it can not be detected directly, so we need to design a profiling mold to detect the product indirectly.useHarrisOfWaterproof detectorIt is more convenient, faster and saferOn smart WatchconductwaterproofTesting.

Air tightness and waterproof detection of smart Watch

HarrisThe wide application of air tightness testing equipment will play a more and more important role in ensuring product quality, ensuring production safety and improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

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