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You may not know about the waterproof test of Harris smart watch

Smart watch is one of the most frequently used portable electronic devices, especially with the improvement of people's healthy life consciousness, the sales volume of smart watch is also increasing. No matter in the morning or evening, many people who love sports can be seen everywhere. They are wearing smart watches in parks or gyms, listening to music and recording sports data. Smart watch not only makes people enjoy beautiful melody, but also records people's physical movement and health.

Waterproofing has always been a problem for consumer electronic devices that can communicate,In particular, outdoor games are faced with many factors, such as sweat, rain, air humidity and so on. If the waterproof, anti sweat and anti-corrosion performance of smart watch is not enough, it is easy to be corroded by sweat and rain, which will affect the use effect and service life of the product.In view of the above situation, today I would like to introduce what kind of instrument is used by Harris to detect the smart watch?

Waterproof for smart WatchtestingWhat is the customer's requirementWaterproof grade requiredIP68 It's a swimming watch

Equipment used: Hercules non-standard double channel waterproof testing equipment

Detection method: low voltage first30KPARear high pressure100KPAAutomatic detection of two programs

After the test, it has reached the waterproof level required by customers, and there is no wear on the smart watch.

In any case, smart watch waterproof into a trend, and the use ofHiris non standard double channel waterproof testing equipmentTest the watch to improve the waterproof performance of the smart watch and prevent water, dust and pollutants from entering the damaged components.

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