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The waterproof of mobile phone is very important. The airtight waterproof detection equipment of Harris can help you realize the waterproof of the whole mobile phone

Now a large part of users change their mobile phones because they have the consciousness of changing new models, not because the mobile phone is broken and can't be used. But in fact, there are also some users because the mobile phone is broken. As we all know, artificial damage to the mobile phone does not enjoy the national Three phoneThe proportion of damaged screen is very large, but broken screen is repairable; In addition to the broken screen, the proportion of water inflow is still very large, but the water inflow can not be treated in time, which is almost irreparable, and even leads to the embarrassment that the maintenance cost is higher than the whole machine.

Product to be tested: mobile phone

Mobile phones often need to be used in humid environment or rain, which requires the waterproof performance of mobile phones. In the past, the waterproof structure used on the mobile phone is to use the sealing strip at the joint around the mobile phone, but this structure is only suitable for the waterproof of some simple structural parts. The disadvantages are that the sealing ring is difficult to locate, requires large space, and the sealing ring is easy to stretch and deform in the process of use, so the waterproof effect is not good.

Airtight waterproof fixture for mobile phone

byIn order to ensure the waterproof performance of the whole mobile phone, manufacturers usually carry out waterproof test on the internal parts of the mobile phone before testing the whole mobile phone. Whether it is the waterproof detection of accessories or the waterproof detection of the final mobile phone, the air tightness detector is currently used.HarrisThe air tightness tester is a non-destructive testing method, which uses compressed air for testing, and will not cause secondary damage to the product.

Air tightness and waterproof testing equipment for mobile phone

The traditional mobile phone air tightness and waterproof detection is carried out through water pressure seal. This detection method is not easy to operate, low efficiency, requires a lot of manpower and time, and is difficult to meet the requirements of high-volume mobile phone detection. And the probability of misjudgment is relatively high. In order to meet the development needs of the market, airtight waterproof testing equipment launched by Harris is widely used with a variety of advantages to meet the needs of mobile phone waterproof batch testing.

Air tightness and waterproof testing equipment for mobile phone

HarrisThere are mature testing schemes for mobile phone detection,For the waterproof test of mobile phones, we'll go to Harris,five hundredStrong enterprises select brands and serve more thantwo thousand and five hundredIt's a client.

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