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Do you know how the middle frame of mobile phone is waterproof? Choose the series of waterproof testing equipment of Hailisi real water

With the development of the information age, the use of mobile phones is increasing year by year. In order to meet the needs of the market, mobile phone manufacturers begin to produce mobile phones on a large scale. The mobile phone is assembled with metal middle frame and back cover to meet consumers' demand for metal texture of mobile phone. In life, the mobile phone will inevitably encounter some collision or liquid immersion. Because the mobile phone is assembled from the back panel, metal frame, panel and other accessories, and is installed by embedding or riveting, there is a gap between the accessories, and the water is easy to penetrate into the circuit of the mobile phone through the gap, resulting in a short circuit, which leads to the abnormal use of the mobile phone.

Product to be tested: mobile phone middle frame

Based on this, in order to enhance the overall strength of the mobile phone and enhance the user's touch experience, the smart phone has adopted the metal frame as the body on a large scale.The middle frame of mobile phone can further improve the stability of the whole mobile phone. In order to ensure the normal use of the middle frame of mobile phone, the middle frame of mobile phone also needs to have certain waterproof performance.

Waterproof inspection fixture for mobile phone middle frame

aboutMobile phone middle frameDust proof and waterproof protection grade requirements can be passedHiris real water series waterproof testing equipmentTo achieve,The waterproof test part of the mobile phone middle frame is generally in the mikong. Let's take a look at the case of the real water series waterproof test equipment of the mobile phone middle frame shared by Harris technology.

Waterproof inspection mould for mobile phone middle frame

The following are the equipment used and the testing scheme:

Equipment used: Hailisi real water series waterproof testing equipment

Detection scheme: direct test method, according to the structure of the mobile phone frame custom mold, put the product into the mold, press the double start button, the product is pushed to the designated position by the guide rail, the instrument through the product pressure, pressure, test to test the product waterproof. Test pressure50KPA, inflation time5S, voltage stabilization time5S, test time5S

Performance parameters of hiris real water series waterproof testing equipment

Now let's introduce herrenseHWTrue water tester:

HWReal water tester is an instrument specially developed by Harris for real water test of waterproof and breathable membrane. It not only has the function of generating simulated test water pressure, but also can automatically identify whether the waterproof and breathable membrane leaks under the action of simulated water pressure. The measurement results can be quantified, which improves the disadvantages of manual confirmation at present, It makes it possible to test, judge and produce the products with waterproof and breathable film automatically, which can improve the efficiency of customers and ensure the quality of products.

Real water test equipment for double station mobile phone middle frame

At present, the domesticThe waterproof detection of mobile phone middle frame is mostly traditional waterproof detection, and the detection efficiency and accuracy are relatively low. The series waterproof test of herrense real water not only canImprove the detection efficiency,It can also reduceProduction cost, improve the detection accuracy,Hailisi real water series waterproof testing equipmentIt's the futureWaterproof detection of mobile phone middle frameIt's a kind ofdevelopmentTrends.

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