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Air tightness test case sharing of mobile phone case

The case shared by Harris this time is the waterproof case of mobile phone, because of the application of Harris technology in mobile phoneAir tightness testHas a very rich experience, mature mobile phone air tightness detection technology. In mobile phone waterproof detection by the majority of mobile phone manufacturers trust. Next, we will show an example of hermetic testing!

Display of mobile phone case detected by Harris Technology

This picture is the mobile phone case detected by Harris this time. Although the surface of the mobile phone shell is very smooth, there are nut holes and parts slots with different sizes and shapes inside the shell. These holes are the key and difficult points in the waterproof of the mobile phone shell. Once the mobile phone is flooded, water will soak into these gaps and holes. If the air tightness is not in place, water will enter the interior of the mobile phone, resulting in system paralysis. But the size, shape and location of these holes are different, which brings challenges to the air tightness. In addition, the thickness distribution of the mobile phone shell is not uniform, some are thick and some are thin, so we need to consider the problem of the shell bearing pressure when testing the air tightness.

Harris technology has passed the design, calculation and experimental verification of engineers. Air tight equipment can fully meet the needs of mobile phone testing. The efficiency of this air tightness detection case is very good, and the customers are very satisfied, which completely exceeds the initial expectation.

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