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Waterproof test for IP67 of mobile phone glass home key

At present, it is estimated that everyone in the mobile phone industry is more concerned about the waterproof test of mobile phone glass home key IP67. How to carry out the waterproof test of mobile phone glass home key IP67. Can the test instrument meet the test accuracy? Today, Shenzhen Harris has presented the waterproof test case of mobile phone glass home key IP67 with the industry, to let everyone know the waterproof and test principle of mobile phone glass home key IP67 waterproof test.

For the waterproof mobile phones in the early years, Xiaohai popularized the concept of ipxx protection level for mobile phones

In the early years of waterproof mobile phones, most of them were passive waterproof mobile phones, which were mostly waterproof by adding protective plugs, resulting in unsatisfactory thickness and weight of mobile phones. With the passage of time, the waterproof plug on the mobile phone will gradually aging, eventually leading to waterproof failure, and the waterproof performance can not be guaranteed.

Ipxx protection level concept

The "IP" here is the international protection standard level; In short, the two digits of "XX" in ipxx represent the dust-proof and water-proof grades respectively. The dust-proof grade ranges from 0 to 6, and the water-proof grade ranges from 0 to 8.

In the end, Xiaohai wants to say that the detection cost of mobile phone waterproof still needs to be invested. The significance of mobile phone waterproof lies in insurance. I believe that the vast majority of users will not deliberately challenge the waterproof performance of mobile phones because of their waterproof characteristics. They just hope that smart phones can adapt to more complex use scenarios, so that we can use mobile phones more freely.

The test method of IP67 waterproof of mobile phone glass home key is as follows:

In order to realize the principle of IP67 waterproof test of mobile phone glass home key, Harris waterproof tester (air tightness tester) and developed Harris fixture are selected to connect the mobile phone glass home key. Specific details of the operation and detection principle, you can contact our official website telephone consultation or consultation dialog box, we will help you answer the first time.

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